About Us:


Adventure Kick makes adventure travel planning simple. There are so many great adventure travel destinations and tours in the world. But it isn’t always easy to find the right one for you. We help the adventure traveler discover, review, and plan their next adventure trip.┬áRead and share information or reviews on local tour operators, find out if you have the right skill level for an activity, share hidden gem destination with your friends. As we grow, we’ll add more features that make adventure travel planning a breeze.

WARNING: Adventure travelers may be exposed to:

  • new places
  • new skills
  • new culutres

Adventure Kick makes it easy to get there! Happy Travels.


To change the way people see the world through adventure travel


      • Adventure travel evokes an amplifude sense of life
      • Travel helps connects people with nature (Nature needs a little nurture)
      • A strong group bond is like a miracle drug. It can cure anything
      • Challenges and new skills augment hidden inner strengths and build confidence
      • Grasping new perspectives makes individuals and societies happier and smarter


    1. Open-mindedness
    2. Cultural awareness
    3. Environmental conservation
    4. Self realization and growth
    5. Community strength
    6. Quality service
    7. Balance in life